Did you know that, according to Everyday Health, more than half of Americans are living with pain? The specific percentage is 58.9% of adults, and back pain is the most common pain type, affecting almost 2 out of 5 adults in the US in the last three months.

If you’re one of the many adults suffering from back pain, and you live in Lexington, Kentucky, you might be looking for a Lexington chiropractor.

However, you might not be sure where to get started. This can be stressful or overwhelming—and combined with your back pain, can cause you to be feeling incredibly frustrated.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to find the best Lexington chiropractor. In this article, we’ll review them. Finally, you can find the best chiropractor in Lexington for you and ease your suffering.

Look at Reviews

If you’ve recently been looking up “family chiropractor near me” into search engines, you might have noticed that some of the websites have a page where you can read reviews from their customers.

By looking at these reviews, you can get an idea of how patients feel after having met with the chiropractor, what treatments they offer for back pain and other back issues, and how good the customer service is.

In addition to looking at the reviews on the chiropractors’ websites themselves, look at reviews on websites like Yelp and Google Maps.

This way, you can have an idea of what many people think of the Lexington chiropractic practices you’re considering.

When looking at these reviews, keep in mind that one negative review is okay.

As long as the majority of reviews are positive (and highlight what you’re looking for), you should get a good idea of how good the chiropractors are, as well as whether they’re the right fit for you.

Check Out Their Credentials

When choosing a chiropractor, you must check out their credentials. You want to ensure that they have all the licenses required not only in the US, but also in the state. When a chiropractor has these credentials, it shows that they have:

  • The right experience
  • The proper training
  • The skills required

In addition to checking out credentials, you should check that every chiropractor in Lexington, KY that you’re considering doesn’t have a history of disciplinary actions having occurred against them. Additionally, look out for any malpractice issues.

If any of these problems come up, you’re better off removing them from your list of potential chiropractors.

Ask About Their Experience (Relevant to Your Needs)

Whatever spine health or musculoskeletal issue you’re facing that means you have to go to a chiropractor, you should go to one who has a good amount of experience. If the experience of the doctors isn’t listed on their website, call and ask.

You should also go deeper by specifically asking about how much experience they have dealing with the particular health issue you’re facing.

Additionally, if you suspect that there’s a particular procedure you would have to go through, you should ask the chiropractic practice about how much experience they have carrying it out.

Finally, ask about how much experience the employees have. You want to be sure that the main doctors and their assistants all have a good amount of experience working in their field.

Go to a Consultation

Most chiropractors will offer to meet with you to discuss the health issues you’re dealing with. In this meeting, you can find out about what they think your treatment options are and go into them in detail.

In addition to getting an idea of how they can help you, going to a free consultation will help you decide whether you like how the doctor communicates and how comfortable you feel at the office.

Think About Fees

Learning about fees will also help you find the best Lexington chiropractor for you. Start by speaking with the front office about what health insurance you have. Then you can find out how much is covered by insurance and how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

For chiropractors that don’t take your insurance, ask if they have any flexible payment options, such as being able to pay a certain amount per month.

Note that, if you’ve ended up with back issues because of an accident you’ve experienced, you should choose a chiropractor who works with an attorney on a lien basis.

A budgeting tip? Once you know what the fees are for the different chiropractors you’re considering, sit down and compare each of them.

Remember, too, that while it might be tempting to go with the cheapest one, this isn’t always the best option. A chiropractor who’s too cheap might be too good to be true and could end up making your back issues worse.

If you’ve come across a chiropractor who has everything you’re looking for and seems like they can provide you with the help you need, it might be worth paying a little more for their treatments.

Looking for a Lexington Chiropractor?

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