At Wellington Chiropractic, we don’t just offer short-term solutions for pain management – we’ll tailor treatments to you that provide long-term effects to improve your spine health and wellbeing.

Pain Relief

Common habits such as poor posture and your sleeping position can affect spinal cord alignment and lead to different pain symptoms. Our treatments can help to correct chronic neck pain, stiff neck, relieve headaches, sciatic nerve, and more. No matter where your symptoms are located, our treatment solutions are aimed at alleviating pain so you can live a more comfortable life.

Spine Correction

Most of the patients we see are experiencing some type of neck pain or back pain, but many different types of pain can be attributed to spinal alignment. For a more long-term solution to improve your overall wellness, we will prescribe a series of treatments that correct your spine and begin a path to less pain for years to come.

Preventative Care

Caring for your spinal health doesn’t stop within our Lexington Family Chiropractic office. Dr. Ian will prescribe a detailed series of stretches and exercises to help you maintain the results you see with us. Doing these types of exercises at home on a regular basis will help to prevent back pain, neck pain, and any other discomfort you may be experiencing.

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