Experts estimate that 31 million people experience lower back pain at any given time. Lower back pain can cause your world to come to a screeching halt. Your regular activities cease, and you want just one thing: relief. Chiropractic treatments from a Lexington chiropractic clinic can reduce your lower back pain.

Regular visits to a  Lexington chiropractor will help relieve your pain. Preventative treatments along with back exercises and treatments will prevent pain as well. So you not only receive relief from your current pain but also the hope of no future pain.


Cause of Lower Back Pain

Understanding the cause of your lower back pain will help you know how chiropractic treatment can help you. Most of the time, severe lower back pain comes from a pulled or strained ligament or muscle. This injury can stem from any one of a variety of causes from twisting while lifting a heavy object to maintaining poor posture over time.

Coming in second to pulled muscles are problems with your spine. You may have a herniated disc pressing on your nerves. Or you could have a condition like degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, or arthritis.

Chiropractic care can ease the pain caused by these conditions. Basic chiropractic treatments including spinal adjustments, massage, and physical therapy help reduce pain.


Stages of Lower Back Treatments

When you seek chiropractic care, you begin with an initial assessment. The chiropractor will perform a physical exam, to find the cause of your pain while considering underlying conditions.

Once the chiropractor determines a diagnosis, they will put together a personalized treatment plan for you. Often chiropractic treatments for lower back pain are three-fold.

It begins with regular visits for spinal adjustments. It also may include massage therapy and physical therapy depending on your condition.


Spinal Adjustments

Most commonly, a chiropractor will use spinal adjustments to treat your lower back pain. The chiropractor will use their hands to manipulate the muscles and joints. This manipulation will realign your spine and ease the tension and pressure in your back.

When your chiropractor adjusts your spine, they provide room for the herniated discs to move back to where they belong. This relieves the pressure on your nerves.

Our chiropractors often use spinal adjustments to treat back pain. By manually realigning the spine, we can alleviate tension and pressure in the back. We also offer spinal decompression, which allows herniated discs to move back into place.

The chiropractor will have you lie down on a specially designed, padded table. Then the chiropractor will apply controlled but sudden movements to push joints beyond their regular range of motion. You’ll hear a cracking or popping sound as the chiropractor performs the manipulation.

Your chiropractor will most likely recommend several return visits. Often your body will hold the new alignment for 24 to 48 hours initially. Thus, you need to continue to return for further adjustment sessions to retrain your spine to stay in its appropriate position.

Structures in the spine can take months and even years to heal properly. Once the support structures of muscles, tendons, and ligaments heal, then your nervous system will heal, and you will recover fully.


Massage Therapy

If you’ve sustained a soft tissue injury, your chiropractor may prescribe massage therapy. Massage will reduce your inflammation and increase blood flow. Better blood flow will in turn promote healing.

With massage, a trained massage therapist will use degrees of movement and pressure to manipulate the soft tissues of your body. Research has also proven that massage can help reduce stress. It can also increase relaxation, improve your immune function, and lessen your pain and muscle tension.

All of these benefits will promote faster healing in your lower back.


Physical Therapy

If you have a severe injury, your chiropractor may also recommend physical therapy. Physical therapy typically involves strengthening and stretching exercises. It can also include ultrasound therapy and muscle stimulation. These treatments will improve your range of motion and thereby reduce the chances of recurring pain.

Physical therapy will strengthen and stabilize your body’s joints as well as the components in your spinal column. Plus, often the exercises you learn at physical therapy are exercises you can perform at home on your own to keep yourself healthy and pain-free.


Phases of Care

Most chiropractors follow a basic philosophy that includes phases of care. When you enter a chiropractor’s office initially, you’re usually in significant pain. So your chiropractor’s first concern focuses on alleviating that pain.

Your breath-taking pain will subside after repeated adjustments. Then your chiropractor can focus on corrective care. This will include stretches and exercises or home physical therapy that you can do to speed up your recovery.

Finally, your chiropractor will shift to wellness care. This will often include preventative treatments periodically to ensure long-term health.


Visit a Trusted Lexington Chiropractic Clinic

You do not need to live with debilitating low-back pain. Chiropractic care can alleviate the pain caused by sciatica, sore muscles, pinched nerves, unhealthy joints, and a variety of other causes.

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