Suffering from a pain in the neck? You’re not alone. About 92% of chiropractors noted worsening neck and back pain for their patients during the pandemic.

If you’re experiencing neck pain, it could indicate a bigger problem. Your neck pain can also impact your mobility and quality of life. Instead of letting your pain persist, consider visiting your Lexington chiropractor.

When should you see a chiropractor for neck pain? How can they help?

Keep reading to find out! After reading this guide, you can feel more prepared before scheduling your appointment. You’ll also know which symptoms to track that indicate you need an adjustment right away.

Read on to learn more about visiting a chiropractor for neck pain today.

When to Schedule an Appointment

First, it’s important to know when a pain in the neck indicates it’s time to see a chiropractor.

Your symptoms and pain level might seem minimal at first. Over time, however, aches and pains can cause fatigue. They can impact your range of motion and mobility without treatment, too.

Here are a few signs your neck pain is telling you to visit your Lexington chiropractor right away.

Chronic Neck Pain

The prevalence of neck pain ranges from 16.7% to 75.1%. It’s now a major cause of disability and morbidity. Lingering, chronic pain could impact your social, physical, and psychological well-being.

If you’re experiencing persistent pain, don’t shrug off your symptoms. Instead, visit a chiropractor. They’ll help treat the underlying issue.

Otherwise, you might turn toward over-the-counter pain relief medications to ease your symptoms. Your body can develop a tolerance to these medications over time, though.

It’s important to fix the problem at the source before symptoms get worse over time.


If you were recently in a car accident, schedule an appointment with your Lexington chiropractor. Otherwise, it’s possible you sustained a whiplash injury. Whiplash occurs when you snap your head forward suddenly, then back.

Whiplash can cause neck pain as well as headaches.

If you start experiencing headaches, it’s likely muscle tension and joint irritation are causing your symptoms. A chiropractor can help by reducing pressure in your neck. They’ll ensure you don’t have any pinched nerves as well.

Living a sedentary lifestyle or sitting in front of a desk all day can cause neck pain, tension, and headaches, too.

Instead of relying on pain medication, tackle the problem at the source. Visit your chiropractor to ease the tension before your headaches get worse.

Range of Motion Issues

Pinched nerves and neck pain can also impact your range of motion. For example, you might find you can no longer turn your head side to side. You might struggle to check your blind spot while driving, too.

Your neck can move your head in almost any direction. Unfortunately, this can make it more susceptible to pain and injury.

If you’re struggling to move your neck the way you used to, visit a chiropractor. They’ll determine the root cause of the problem.

In addition to pinched nerves, you could also experience a pain in the neck due to:

  • Injuries (from a sports or auto accident)
  • Muscle strains
  • Worn joints
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Herniated discs
  • Bone spurs

Understanding the root cause of your pain will help your chiropractor customize your treatment plan.

Treatment Options

If you’ve developed a pain in the neck, schedule a consultation appointment with your chiropractor. They’ll determine why you’ve developed neck pain before discussing your treatment plan.

For example, they might determine you have a neck condition such as:

  • Cervical sprain injury
  • Facet joint sprain
  • Degenerative joint syndrome
  • Whiplash
  • Cervical intervertebral disc injury

Once they assess your current state, they’ll determine the right treatments that can help.

Manual Manipulation

It’s likely your chiropractor will recommend regular manual manipulations when starting your treatment plan.

Your chiropractor will use their hands to apply force to your neck and spine. Manipulations will ensure your spine is aligned properly. Proper alignment will keep unnecessary pressure off your neck.

Regular appointments could help ease your pain while reducing pressure to the area.

Once your central nervous system is properly aligned, your blood will have an easier time flowing throughout the body. Blood carries nutrients to injured areas, allowing the body to heal.

When your blood struggles to flow properly, inflammation can occur. Inflammation can make your neck pain worse.

Your chiropractor can use manipulation techniques and instruments to help your body heal naturally.


Ultrasound therapy can help improve your blood circulation. Improving your circulation can promote natural healing.

Your neck will receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs to heal properly. Pain and inflammation should subside as a result.

Massage Therapy

Ask your Lexington chiropractor if they offer massage therapy. Massage therapy can help loosen the muscles in your neck. It can promote blood flow and relaxation to ease your pain symptoms, too.


Inserting needles into key areas throughout the body could improve your body’s ability to function. It could encourage pain-relieving chemicals to travel throughout the nervous system, too.

This process could help ease your pain symptoms.

Lifestyle Changes

A few small lifestyle changes could keep you from experiencing muscle spasms and strain in the future. For example, your chiropractor might recommend you make improvements to your workspace. Your posture can cause neck pain as well.

You can discuss your sleeping position, exercise routine, and even how you sit in your chair. The lifestyle tips your chiropractor offers could help you avoid future pain.

Diet Changes

You can also add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet to avoid neck pain in the future. Some of these foods include leafy greens, fatty fish, and berries.

End Your Pain in the Neck: Visit Your Lexington Chiropractor Right Away

Don’t let a pain in the neck impact your quality of life. Instead, take the time to consult your Lexington chiropractor. They’ll help by determining the root cause of your symptoms.

Then, they’ll develop a customized treatment plan to help ease the pain.

Eager to start treatment right away? We can’t wait to see you.

Schedule an appointment at our offices today to get started.