Did you know that chiropractors now treat more than 35 million Americans every year? As people move toward preventative, no surgical remedies, this form of physical therapy has grown immensely. But how do you know when it is time to pay a visit? There are a number of tell-tale signs. Read on as we discuss seven signs you need to see a Lexington chiropractor.


1. Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain is extremely common. It can be a cause of general wear and tear, or form due to impact from exercise. Very often, it is down to misalignment of the musculoskeletal system.

In either case, it is extremely uncomfortable. A chiropractor will realign your limbs, usually by addressing your spine first. These manipulations help reset the posture and relieve the pain through nerve conductivity.

It will also help increase blood flow, another method of pain relief. You will get mobility back and even may get a better night’s sleep as a result.


2. Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common and is one of the most debilitating conditions. Unless it is the result of an accident, then it can creep up and be hard to self-diagnose. Thus, very often, it can be hard to know the cause of it.

A Lexington chiropractor will begin by diagnosing the root of the problem. It could be caused by poor posture or strain in the muscles.

From here, they will choose from a range of treatments. This can include ergonomic advice, prescriptions, or creating a schedule for exercise. All of this prevents the need for invasive surgeries that may have a lengthy recovery time.


3. Neck Pain

Pain in the neck can be a result of poor posture or an accident, such as whiplash. It is important to address it, as it can cause problems in other areas. For example, you may feel tingling in the limbs and extremities.

Neck pain can be just as bad, if not worse, than back pain. It renders it impossible to sit comfortably as you often have nothing to support the head. This exasperates the situation.

A Lexington chiropractic service will have a number of ways to heal and strengthen your neck. It could include gentle manipulations, stretching exercises, or ways to improve your general posture in your day-to-day life.


4. Headaches

There are a lot of reasons you may be suffering from headaches, including eye strain, dehydration, and other medical problems. However, headaches are often a result of strain in other areas of the body. This could be tightness of the muscles or neck stiffness.

By increasing blood flow, chiropractic treatment gets more oxygen flowing around the body, bringing it to the head in particular. This can help relieve pain without drug-based treatments. Very often, it involves simple manipulations of the spine and neck.


5. Sitting for Long Periods

Many people end up working long hours at a desk. When doing this, it is easy to fall into bad habits regarding how you sit. This can result in a number of problems.

Bad posture at your workstation can put added pressure on your back, shoulders, and neck. As a result, discs and bones can shift and realign. This causes pain and problems in your body.

Chiropractic care will work to set the body back to its correct placement. After this, your chiropractor will introduce a series of exercises and steps to ensure you are maintaining the correct posture.


6. Limited Range of Motion

Loss of motion can occur in multiple places within the body. It may be in the arms or legs, or even when turning the body or neck. If you find that your body does not turn far enough in one direction, then chiropractic care can assist.

The bones and joints will be realigned using chiropractic treatment. After this, a regime of exercises and stretches will help restore motion to the limb or body part. This will help the body function normally and alleviate pain or related conditions.


7. You Were in a Recent Accident

There are many accidents that may result in a need for chiropractic care. However, one of the most common is a car accident.  A collision can cause the body to suddenly jerk, in an impact known as whiplash.

This is extremely painful and impacts the neck and spine. Not only will a chiropractor help relieve the pain, if the accident was not your fault, but your medical expenses may also be included in the insurance payout. This means it could end up costing you nothing.


8. Leg Pains

A slipped and herniated disc does not just cause pain in the immediate area. Due to the large number of nerves that run through the spine and neck, it is likely to cause problems elsewhere. This can manifest as tingling in the limb extremities, or sharp shooting pains in the arms and legs.

This pain will only increase if left untreated. In addition, if you suffer a sudden impact you may slip the disc even further, causing permanent damage.


9. You Have an Athletic Lifestyle

If you take part in sports and recreation, professionally or recreationally, then you open yourself up to strain and injury. Be it the knees of a runner or the back of someone doing weights, exercise takes a toll.

If you are having an adequate rest period but the pain remains, chiropractic care can help. A Lexington chiropractor may be able to advise certain cool-down and warm-up exercises.


Lexington Chiropractor Services

Now you know the many benefits, find a Lexington chiropractor to discuss your needs. They may be able to diagnose your problem over the phone or may invite you in for an appointment. This will be your first step toward pain relief.

Your first choice should be Wellington Family Chiropractic. We provide pain relief and spine correction for all the family, in the Lexington, KY area. Contact us to discuss your needs and book an appointment.